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Agents of CU Insurance Services are NOT paid commission from the sales of insurance, so you know you are being offered our best program at the best rate.

We believe in building long term relationships with our insured’s so in addition to finding the best policy up front, we will automatically review your coverage each year at no cost to ensure you are receiving the highest value possible.

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Sometimes, taking protection into your own hands simply requires understanding basic components. Both home and auto insurance protect individuals and their families, and obtaining a streamlined, comprehensive policy can save time and money. Comparing insurance quotes is a great way to obtain the best coverage. As your independent provider, we’re here to help.

Home Insurance

Your household insurance policy covers a variety of aspects. Your dwelling, itself, is covered within most coverage options. While minimal coverage is needed within most states, many homeowners opt for additional plans to accommodate their households.

Personal property may be covered, and stand-alone garages, exterior additions and physical add-ons may acquire fiscal protection from several plans.

Additionally, liability coverage defends a household’s owner from damages accrued from legal opposition. If someone’s been damaged in your household, or on your property, liability protection deflects impending legal costs.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance, like home insurance, is required—in minimal amounts—in every state. While your city may require specific coverage, obtaining comprehensive auto insurance is important.

Liability coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, medical payments coverage and auto damage coverage are all great options, and each delivers a slew of benefits to policyholders. For many, acquiring a comprehensive plan established upon each component ensures safety.

Such coverage options protect an auto owner from fiscal harm. While collision coverage amounts are defined by the individual’s losses, comprehensive coverage covers follow-up costs not covered by a policyholder’s other plans. Comprehensive coverage is incredibly important, as it absorbs expenses exceeding proposed amounts.

We care about your safety, and we care about your industry knowledge. As an informed homeowner and driver, you deserve great insurance policies. Our expansive quote comparison database is ready, and our well-trained technicians are available to help you obtain the policy you need—for the lifestyle you live.

*Average saving figure based on our new direct personal insurance policyholders who reported saving to us in 2016. Individual savings may vary. Saving not guaranteed.